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Limited registration contract

Buyer shall herein be defined as:

Seller shall herein defined as:
Carrie Haven
This Cavalier shall herein be defined as:  Companion('s)


This companion is a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, registered AKC, which is in good health at the signing of this contract.  This can  be proven with documentation by a certified vet.  This companion is a purebred and can be registered with the American Kennel Club with Limited Registration only, which prohibits breeding of this companion or registering of its offspring.  This Companion must be spayed / neutered at an agreed upon age between breeder and owner. We prefer  your companion  have Ovary Sparing Spay/ Vasectomy.  Failure to spay or neuter at  agreed upon age renders the companion's 2 year health guarantee void and no longer applicable to this contract and may result in the repossession of your companion. I will be co-owner until proof of spay / neuter from a certified vet has been sent. Then I will sign off as co-owner and send you your AKC papers.
 Unauthorized breeding(s) of this companion by the buyer will forfeit $10,000.00 per offense and will result in repossession of the companion and its offspring.   


Buyer agrees to have this companion examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery / possession.  Failure to do so renders buyer responsible for the companion's current health state and accepts the companion to be in good health at the time of purchase.  

Seller is at no time responsible or liable for payment of ANY medical, dental, or surgical procedures to maintain the companion's health or well being after the time of purchase.  Buyer is responsible at all times for payment of medical, dental, or surgical procedures to maintain companion's health and well being.  Buyer gives permission to Seller and other authorized specialists to examine all documents pertaining to the companion's health and allows Seller to speak with the companion's vet or primary physician at any time. 

This companion's health must be properly maintained for 2yr health guarantee and MVD guarantee to be applicable. If the companion is not properly maintained, the health guarantee will be void and seller is at no time responsible for any health issues at any time.  Annual checkups to the vet are required yearly to receive proper health exams, vaccinations, worming's and Dental check ups.

Requirements For Your Companions Guarantee:

1. Must be seen by it's regular Vet at least once a year after the age of 1.
 Puppy vaccinations/Titer testing and wormings must be given prior to the age of 1.

2.  Must have a heartworm / lyme test every year.

3. Must be seen by a dentist at the age of 1 and thereafter yearly or prior to IF the companion shows signs of tarter build up or other oral issues.  

4. Should be kept on a flea and tick control 

5. Should be wormed every 6 months or once a year or as needed. A stool sample needs to be provided to your Vet twice a year for analysis.

6. Must be kept on a high performance holistic brands food and supplements  ( unless a medical condition or allergy occurs, then your Vet can help decide what brand food is best for this companion )

You must keep records for all of these requirements for documentation and review.  Seller has the right to request and examine documentation as needed to enforce or honor health guarantee.


This companion has a TWO year Health Guarantee from the time of birth on specific life threatening genetic defects that result in the loss of the companion.  Some genetic defects that are not life threatening, are not covered under this guarantee. 

Two year health guarantee and two year MVD health guarantee does not cover:

physical abnormalities caused by injury, illness or poisoning
dry eye
 heart murmurs (grade three or less)
under or over bite
un-decending testicles
foods the dog may eat that cause personal injury
hip or patella health
-We do not guarantee hips or patella's due to reasons that may create a hip or patella problem ( example: jumping of the couch or  off a porch)
heat stroke
injuries that may occur due to lack of proper care or owner negligence. 

Owner Fault examples:

Allowing your companion to be over-weight can and will result in some of the issues listed above.  A healthy well balanced lifestyle can prevent unnecessary injury or illness.  Seller should to be contacted if any of these issues have occured, especially if it results in surgery. 

 If your companion for example eats a fake plant and dies, your companion will not be replaced. We do not cover owner fault situations. 

Any companion resulting in death, must have an autopsy preformed or health guarantee is void no companion will be replaced.

Seller is at no time responsible for any medical bills your companion needs.

Lifelong Health and Well being for your Companion:

In the event that your companion has developed one or more of the covered medical or physical conditions under the two year guarantee, the seller must be contacted within 24 hours of the diagnosis.  Failure to do so can result in further illness or injury to your companions life.

Post diagnosis:

If your companion is able to live a full life with a current medical condition, buyer may accept the companion "as is" to live with the current condition.  If Buyer request that the companion not to be treated or not to be returned to the seller, no companion will be replaced.  
If the companion is not able to live a normal life due to a genetic defect that is covered by the two year health guarantee the companion will be replaced following the guidelines for the 2 year guarantee.

This companion has a TWO year life threatening health Guarantee on MVD
 fly catchers syndrome and syringomyelia these type of life threatening diseases.

Seller must be notified immediately if your companion suddenly dies post diagnosis within the first two years of life.  
Seller has the option to have the companion examined by a vet of seller's choice.  Upon examination or autopsy of the companion, findings will be released to both Seller and Buyer.  Results of examination or autopsy will classify the companions condition either, void of the contract health guarantee or covered under the Two health guarantee .  If companion's genetic defect or condition has resulted in natural disposition covered under the Two year health guarantee, then a new companion will replaced.

Replacing a Companion:

If the companions dies or is found to have a life threatening genetic defect covered under the two year health guarantee, and Buyer has abided by all rules and regulations mandated by the two year health guarantee, than Seller agrees to replace diagnosed companion with another companion of the same gender and color as soon as one becomes available.  
Buyer must provide a signed statement from a licensed Veterinarian/Physician along with this signed contract and all documentation needed to fullfill terms of two year health guarantee.  

There are no cash refunds  

 If their has been an issue to be found and the breeder chooses to replace the companion, it is the breeders choice if they want the other companion back or if it will remain with the owner. The seller is at no time responsible for Veterinarian costs and/or shipping costs for your current companion or replacement. 

This contract is non transferablle. This contract is only in agreement with the person sold to. The companion cannot be resold.
If at any time you can not keep your companion, the seller is to be notified and companion returned to seller.
 We will help in the proper placement of the companion. Their adoption fee to their new home will be $500. The prior owner will then be refunded the $500 after their has been an adoptive home found. If the pet needs an medical care before going to their new adoptive home, that will be deducted from the $500 and e balance will then e sent to the prior owner.


This contract is legally binding to all parties involved.  It applies only to the Buyer and Seller in this transaction and is non-transferable to other parties.  Maine law shall apply to interpretation and enforcement of this Agreement.  Jurisdiction for the resolution of any breach of or dispute regarding this Agreement shall be in the State of Maine.  Buyer shall be liable for any and all legal fees incurred by the Seller in the enforcement of this contract.
BUYER'S SIGNATURE CONSTITUTES THE PROMISE TO NOT BE A PUPPY MILL OR BROKER or to participate in dealings with/of such.  Signature also constitutes that you are not a pet store owner or person that participates in dealings of such.  A breach of this promise will result in repossession of the companion back to the Seller. 

 Buyer's Name: ___________________________ Date:_________
Buyer's Signature: _____________________________________

                        Seller's Name:   Carrie Haven                                          Date:_________                                                                 
Seller's Signature:___________________________________

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