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Here are a few Proud Owners of a Haven Cavalier.

This is  Kathy and her Companion, Schouster.  Kathy is also a Vet in Maine.

Carrie-all went well. We are having a firepit puppy party right now! He's asleep in my friend's yard. He loves the other dogs and the yard. He is in the Day's jewlery ad! 
We love him-will send photos!
Meet  Brady and his family, The Holber's.  
Brady is doing wonderfully. He is now well-known around town, and in fact was in the local newspaper recently (picture also attached). 
Around the soccer fields he is known as the rock-star of dogs!!

Meet Lindsay, Ryan and their new Companion, Ruby

Meet Steve, Melissa and their new Companion, Bella.

Dear Carrie,  
 We named your darling Jasmine, because it seemed to fit and to honor her mom, and our neighbors have called her Precious from day one, so her full name is Precious Loveable Jasmine!  We are utterly in love, it seems just as wonderful as a new baby in the home and she is so sweet-tempered and loving.   Jasmine has many friends, she is so eager to meet everyone!   She is radiantly healthy and a total blessing in our lives-thank you for raising cavaliers!    with much appreciation, Emily 

This is Jasmine. Now owned by Emily and Rose.

Meet Princess Grace of River Place and her happy new owners GretaLynn and Burt.

Hi Carrie,                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Grace is smart, happy, focused, and the absolute darling of RiverPlace.  I haven't met a person yet that isn't totally and completely smitten with her.
She and I have bonded very, very well. Grace follows me everywhere outdoors and indoors - she listens very intently and is eager to please.  We went to 2 puppy socialization classes over the weekend.  She did well although she is more focused on people than other dogs but I think that's part of the breed.  Grace is going to be a natural as a therapy dog!!  
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  You offered the PERFECT dog for our family and for my intention to make her a therapy dog.  We are soooooo in love and over the moon and Grace has, without question changed my life. I am deliriously happy!  Burt looooves Grace too and it was very hard for him to go back to work.  He has 4 days off this weekend so we are looking forward to spending time as a "family!"
Will continue to keep you posted. 

My Name is Carrie.  I am the proud owner of Haven Cavaliers.  I am Very proud of our Companions and would like to share a little from some of our other Companion families.  

Hi Carrie,

Where do I start! We're doing great and Ruby is doing great! We started her puppy companion
class tonight so we're excited about that and she met her vet this morning. He said  she must
come from a great breeder :) She is so wonderful and
we are so happy she's in our lives. Thank you very much 

Here are some pictures of Ruby from her family.

  Hi Carrie,
Here are some pictures of Bella. She is growing up and is very sociable and very spunky. She has been very adaptable and likes to ride in the car and take long walks. I hope all is well.
Steve and Melissa


And yet another famous Haven Companion.
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 Here is Elvis and a word from his family
Hi Carrie,
Elvis is such a joy to have in our family. He is an absolute sweetheart of a dog - so full of life and character :-)  We are all really enjoying his company.  His brother Shooey gets to come over to visit a lot - they have great times playing together.  Here are a couple of pictures 


Meet Edgar, a son from Hannah and Bishop
Hi!    Edgar is doing wonderfully well. We've had a few exciting times when he decided to not just CHEW his stuffed toys, but to also EAT them!!!  So now he just has hard TOUGH toys and is doing fine. He just loves walking and visiting with the neighbor's children and cat.  He's really such a joyful, loving dog, and we are very grateful for his company.  Edgar is great friends with our bunny (although, not to tempt fate, there is always a cage between them) and he finds the chickens fascinating.  He sometimes likes to watch the turkeys out the windows but he doesn't like strange cats or the fox.  I am attaching a few photos, and as soon as the weather permits, we'll get some good outdoor shots to send you.  Take care.   Sue Lauria

Meet Dash, now owned by the Laliberte's

Dash  is doing very well and is such a lovable boy.
I have attached a couple of photos for you.
We would love to have you come by for a visit this summer once it warms up to see Dash and our alpacas.
Talk with you soon,

This is Lucy and her family.
Meet Reggie. He is the son of Yazmen and Napoleon
Reggie is doing very well he is loving running in the snow with his brothers! its so funny, when they come inside from running in the yard they have these huge balls like the size of golf balls stuck to their belly and legs, they look so cute but it takes forever for the snowballs to melt.  I absolutely love him and am so happy i got him. in my opinion he is perfect! 

Hi Carrie,

Everything is going great! Mela, (pronounced May-lah) checked out wonderfully at the vet on Thursday. She was exactly 6 pounds. The vet said her heart, belly, fontanel,bones, everything checked out perfectly.
I took her to meet my 80 year old Dad today. She laid on his lap for an hour, as he stroked her. He thinks she is beautiful and that my Mom would have liked her. She met some of my residents from work today and they thought she was adorable.
My daughter Rachel met her today as did one of my friends. Everyone loves her joyful personality, she is so happy and outgoing! She is adjusting to her new life very well. 
She is totally wonderful! I am so happy with her, Thank you for my beautiful puppy!


This is Mela. She is now living in CT with her new owner, Nancy.
Carrie-  The puppy did really well- he slept all night with no problems (he was crated and seemed happy)  He's already heading for the back door when he has to pee- not to say Dad catches him every time, but, hey, it's a good start.  Dad is loving the puppy!!!  We'll keep in touch.  Sue
This is Levi. He is now living with the Lauria family. This is their second puppy purchased from us.  
Bella as a puppy 
and one of her new owners
Steve, Melissa and Bella. They are beck for a visit. 4/9/11. Bella is now 1yr old and quite the beautiful little lady. She is a Hannah/Napoleon baby.
Bella and her mommy.
Bella and her  other mommy.
This is Hannah and her new owner, Janie. 
Carrie,  Hannah has already given me a lifetime of joy.   I am very lucky to have her.  She has a little toy pink elephant that squeaks and she treats it like a baby.  She looks so cute carrying it around and tries to tuck it underneath her,how cute.  Hannah is a Royal Companion  thank you.  Janie
This is Ruby and her new owner, Farrah.
Hi Carrie,
Our first night was awesome!  I have a nice backyard that she is able to run around in.  She has been such a good girl using the bathroom outside.  She loves her new toys and has been wagging her tail with happiness so much since we got home.  Thank you again.  I already love her more than you can imagine.  
Farrah and Ruby :)
Meet Cora 
and her happy new owners
@ 8wks old
@ 1yr old

Cora is so wonderful!  She had such an exciting morning, and took it with leaps and strides!  She was barely nervous at all!  She slept for the car ride, and then she met her big brother!  She is completely smitten with him, it's really adorable.  As we speak she is taking a nice nap in her crate with her teddy bear...she whimpered for not even a minute but as soon as big brother Ludo went in to check on her she quieted right down and played with her bear and then snuggled in for a nap!  We are so thankful for her, she has already proven to be the perfect dog!  Thank you so much for raising such wonderful little pups!

I will send more pictures soon

-Dan & Clara
Meet AJ
and his happy new owners
Nancy and Charles
This is Hobie and his new owner, Janie. This is Janie's second companion she has gotten from us.

Haven Cavaliers
Carrie, Congrats to you and Aurora.  When I had Hobey at the vets if I had  extras I could have sold them on the spot.  He has been soooo good.  He is enjoying the great outdoors here.  I live far off the street so he can explore without worry.  Hannah is still PERFECT  Janie
Hi Carrie...

Kasey is doing great!  She loves the beach but doesnt swim...she is really pretty....thank  you again for such a sweet little girl....

Meet Kasey
and her happy new owners
Meet Charlie
He is the son of Hannah and Bishop.
He now lives with the Ames family

Meet Copper. 
He now lives in New York 
with the best family ever.
 Alissa and Jason :0)
This is the Spies family and their new baby.
This is Ramsey and his family.
This is Marilyn and her new family
This is Penny and her family