We have often wondered what happens inside our pregnant moms and what the puppies looked like at their stage in life. We have done some research on the Internet about what happens inside a pregnant dog and found it interesting. We have put together some pictures below and tried to show you the stages in a dog's pregnancy.
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DAY ! 


DAY 2                                                                           
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               By Day 2, the released sperm cells are traveling                                                                                            toward the fertilization of the egg


                                                                   Day 4 will most likely be the day of conception.


DAY 10

                                                                                         By day 10, this is what the fertilized egg will look                                                                               like.

DAY 12

                                                                Barely conceived embryos by day 12

DAY 18


DAY 20



                                                                            The embryo is still developing it's internal                                                                               organs.

DAY 21


DAY 29                                                                    


DAY 30

DAY 33




DAY 36


DAY 37


DAY 38

DAY 42


DAY 45


DAY 48



DAY 49                                                        


DAY 50



DAY 51



DAY 53


DAY 63



From Conception to birth
Day one when the sperm has been "administered". 
The embryo begins to form the shape of the head, body and make up of  the spine. It is also forming it's central nervous system and  the  beginning  development of it's internal organs.      
The fetus is now growing hair
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Haven Cavaliers
The placenta is now fully formed.  Now you can with high probability determine whether the female is pregnant. Ofcourse, the ultrasound will not show  the embryos yet because they are too tiny, but you will see the 'fetal bags filled with amniotic fluid. Embryos are getting bigger and reach a size of about 5mm. 
Midpoint of pregnancy-embryos weighs about 20% of birth weight.
Our moms behavior starts to change. She is quieter and is becoming more sensitive.
The abdomen and genital organs.Slightly expands

This is the end of the slow fetal growth period.  At this stage the sex organs also apear .
Now, you may feel the puppies when touching the females abdomen. But it is hard to determine their  number, because they are incredibly busy!
Pregnancy begins to be very visible now. The mother devotes  more time and energy in to taking care of herself. 
Her mammary glands are now getting bigger and more  noticeable.
With the approaching date of birth, the female is becoming more and more anxious. She will try to protect her puppies in her womb. She becomes braver and is prepared    even to bite a potential stranger.
It is time to get the place ready for when she gives birth.

The mothers belly is full and internal motions of the puppies in  the womb can be seen from the outside.

  Now the fetuses weigh  75% of their birthweight.  Now the fetuses weigh  75%                         of their birthweight.
It is possible at this time to secrete a few     drops of milk from the breast.
During this period, you should wash the bitch lactic glands and genital organs with warm water.

The mother rests and prepares a nest for the birth.

Fetuses are covered in fur on his nose, legs, tail and belly. They are ready to be                                         born.